About Us


Company Background

HK JEBN Limited was established in 1998. It is the pioneer of upper floor shop. It sells a large variation of products in the form of self-service marts. Based on the philosophy of "customers and quality always come first", we try our best to provide high quality products and excellent sales service.

To achieve such target, we make efforts to put the following principles into practice:
  • Strive for best quality
  • Train winning team
  • Strive for satisfying results
  • The company as a whole collaborates with each individual staff to look for continuous improvement
  • Take Corporate Social Responsibilities and contribute to environmental protection

"Systematic Management - Willing to attempt"
  • "Where there is an end, there is a new way". Go along with the latest trends and evolve from traditional business mode to systematic management.
  • Staff grows with the company psychologically and technologically.
  • Follow ISO 22000 requirements strictly and provide raw materials of high safety level and quality.
  • Professional purchasing team spends time and makes efforts to visit the origin of goods to import raw materials of high quality.

"Self-check and careful counter-verification"
  • Strictly follow product collection mechanism and regularly collect product samples, taking corporate responsibility of self-check.
  • Carefully counter-verify and analyze test results to monitor the quality of raw materials.
  • Develop qualified company laboratory for raw materials and products check frequently.
  • Our subsidiary company “HK Elements Ltd - Laboratory” has been granted ISO17025 accreditation (Trace elements in foodstuff) by Hong Kong Accreditation Service.

HK JEBN offers a diversified range of products, including swallow's nests, cordyceps, sea cucumbers and dried abalones and other dried seafood along with herbal tonics, various other Japanese, Korean and international products etc. Moreover HK JEBN also produces its own line of ready to eat products at its own factory in Hong Kong.

Company Name: HK JEBN Limited
Established Date: 1998
Address: 7/F HK JEBN Group Center, 13-15 Shing Wan Road, Tai Wai, N.T., Hong Kong.

Registered Capital:HKD 130,000,000
Number of Staff: Over 844(Until Jul 2020)
Existing number of shops: 27(including Macau)