Chinese Dried Mushroom

Chinese Dried Mushroom

Flower Mushrooms are edible Lentinus edodes. Mainly produced in Japan, Korea and Hubei area in China. Although there are price differences, the taste does not vary a lot.

Special features:
  • ​Japanese dried mushroom → Upper-class dried mushroom. Fat and thick in shape and the edges are curled. Obvious patterns on the surface of the mushroom. Satin texture and chewy. Great aroma.
  • Korean dried mushroom → Quality is not bad. Thick and aromatic, with tightly-rolled edges. The surface of the mushroom is broken open and white color is shown. Body is soft and crispy at the same time. Chewy and nice appearance.
  • Chinese dried mushroom  →  "Beijiang mushrooms" is of the highest rank. Delicate texture with obvious patterns. Good ones are with fresh aroma. Relatively soft texture.
  • Chinese thin mushroom → Originates from China, the body is thin and the stem is long and thin. The umbrella surface is widely open. Quality not as high as the rest.

Flower mushrooms are highly nutritional and famous as edible fungus. Polysaccharides can regulate body immunity, stimulate antibodies and activate cells. Extremely beneficial to growing children. The mushroom also contains Lenthionine to regulate cholesterol content in human and thus prevent cardiac diseases.

Sweet in taste, slightly cold in nature

Processing method:
Soak in clean water for around 12 hours depending on the thickness, until the body turns soft. Cut off the stem and rinse. Cooking can begin.

Way of Storage:
Place the mushroom in cool and dry place. If it is to be stored for some time before serving, it should be sealed and place in refrigerator (0-8˚C).

Other notes:
  • ​Natural Log-cultivated Shiitake Mushroom → planted with natural log from oak trees or chestnut trees. Dried logs are cut to length of around 1 meter and mushrooms are planted so that they grow and spread over the log and the entire tree. Natural Log-cultivated Shiitake Mushrooms have delicate and satin texture and strong aroma.
  • Swadustgrown Flower Mushroom → Grown on Fungal bed made of wood chips, cotton threads or corn bran with wheat bran and sand bran and fixed with gypsum. Mushrooms are planted on it. It takes little time to form mushrooms. Swadustgrown Flower Mushroom has delicate and soft texture and fresh aroma.

Suggested serving:
Flower mushrooms (2 taels), Scallops (4 pieces), Dried Red Dates (5 pieces), Ginger (3 slices), Naked chicken (1 piece) → Make soup with the above ingredients to invigorate the spleen and vital energy, nourish the blood and regulate blood pressure.