Dried Scallops

Dried Scallops

Scallops are called "dried scallop" or "Conpoy", mainly from Japan, China and Vietnam. The dried scallop is made from pelecypoda, pectinidae and the adductor muscle of scallops. Hokkaido scallops of Japan are the best in quality, followed by China and Vietnam.

Special features:

  • Souya scallops →    From North Hokkaido, Japan. Extremely strong aroma, golden color, with little salt coated on the body. Fresh and sweet in taste, no stiff tissues, round and tidy, firm and shinny.
  • Aomori scallops →    From South Hokkaido, fresh aroma not as strong as Souya scallops, shinny and light golden yellowish. Loose texture and obvious wreckages. More fibers. 
  •  Dalian scallops →    From Dalian in China. Nice aroma and sweet. Lighter in color and usually the surface is coated with salt crystals. Loose and easy to observe wreckages. A bit of fiber.
  • Qingdao scallops →    From Qingdao in China. Lighter in color and smaller in size. Light and fresh taste. More fibers so used for soup or porridge commonly.
  •  Annan scallops →    From Vietnam, considered as the 2nd tier scallops. Color and taste are inferior compared to Qingdao scallops and strong fibers. Stiffer.

Dried scallops are rich in proteins and nutritious. Nourish the Yin and kidneys, invigorates the liver and removes body heat. Suitable for those with weak liver and kidney functions, people recovering from diseases or women after giving birth.

Sweet in taste, mild in nature.

Processing method:
Wash with clean water and soak in water for 30 mins (depending on size). Leave together with the water for cooking purpose.

Way of Storage:
Place the dried scallops in cool and dry place. If it is to be stored for some time before serving, it should be sealed and place in refrigerator (0-8˚C).
Note:    Since Qingdao scallops are wetter, they should be place in refrigerator (0-8˚C). If it is to be stored for some time before serving, it is better to seal properly and place in freezer (-18˚C or below).

Other notes:

  • Soup made with dried scallops is sweet and light in taste. Roasted duck meat will enhance the flavor, while choosing shredded chicken will boost the sweet and fresh flavor. Shark's fin will give a more refreshing taste.
  • Stewed soup made of dried scallops is great for the summer, since ingredients are usually light, sweet, fresh and attractive and does not feel oily at all.
  • ​Porridge made of dried scallop is fresh and clean. Adding chicken makes it even tastier.