Made in Hong Kong

Instant Bird's Nest Series

Brief Introduction:
Our instant bird's nest is made from 100% Indonesian precious bird's nest. Under strict control by bird's nest experts, the production process is certified by internationally recognized food safety qualifications such as ISO22000, GMP, HACCP. Manufactured, sterilized and packaged in our Hong Kong factory, hygienic and healthy, suitable for all ages.


There are 3 types of instant bird's nest in room temperature:
the whole bird's nest, bird's nest smash and bird's nest slice.

  • bird's nest: clear fibers
  • bird's nest smash: extra precious bird'nest smash
  • bird's nest slice: rich in collagen
  • natural ingredients, contains only bird's nest and water, high concentration and sugar free
  • no preservatives, artificial colourings, artificial flavorings and stabilizers
  • soft and smooth texture with nice smell of egg white
Instant bird's nest has yin-enriching, moistening, respiratory system strengthening, qi-tonifying, phlegm-resolving, cough-relieving properties.
It contains mitogenic stimulation factor and epidermal growth factor, frequent consumption can help to promote tissue growth in human beings and improves body immunity. ​​

Tastes sweet, mild in nature  


Storage method:
Store it at room temperature while still fully sealed. Keep it between 0℃ and 4℃ in refrigerator and consume it within 7 days after opening.  

Other Information:

  • Instant Bird’s Nest in room temperature is sterilized at a rapid temperature (The highest temperature is 122℃) which is a highly efficient method. It can preserve nutritive values and can be stored for 1 year without any preservatives at an appropriate room temperature.
  • Instant Bird’s Nests in room temperature have won praise from our customers since they are good taste and convenient for storage and carrying.

Modified XO Sauce

Brief Introduction:
‘XO’ comes from ‘Extra Old’, originally referred to old cognac but later meant ‘extravagance’ or ‘premium’. Our modified XO sauce is made from Hokkaido dried scallop, selected Chinese ham and Thai dried shrimp, all of which are natural ingredients with rich nutrition. Manufactured, sterilized and packaged in our Hong Kong factory, it is not just common seasoning used in Hong Kong families, but also a tasty food on its own.

Modified XO sauce

Less Canola oil, a healthier choice
Fried over a gentle heat to retain nutrients
Softer texture with freshness retained
3 levels of spiciness: mildly spicy, middle spicy and extra spicy

Storage method:
Store in well-ventilated and cool place. If consume over a long period of time, they should be sealed and refrigerated (at 0-4°C).

XO sauce is best for cooking or mixing all kinds of ingredients which enriches freshness and taste. You can use it for frying scallops, salmons, as well as mixing rice or noodles. It is also nice to serve as an independent dish.


Herbal Jelly


Brief Introduction:
Herbal jelly has different flavors, including "Original", "Dendrobium and American Ginseng" and "Tortoise Jelly with Prebiotics and Arhat Fruit". 

Original Flavor
With the efficacy that removes heat, dampness-eliminating, detoxifying, spleen and stomach recuperating, halitosis improvement properties, the product is suitable for people who have acnes, sore throat and aphthous ulcers.

Dendrobium and American Ginseng Flavor
With the efficacy that removes heat and toxins, yin-enriching, moistening, stomach tonifying properties, the product is suitable for symptoms such as deficiency condition of both spleen and stomach, reddened tongue and thirsty mouth.

It is also suitable for people who have to work overtime frequently, sleep late, and with excessive smoking or drinking habits.

Tortoise Jelly with Prebiotics and Arhat Fruit
With the efficacy for clearing heat-toxin, moistening lung for arresting cough and maintain the intestines in healthy status.

It is also suitable for people who have to work overtime frequently, sleep late, and with excessive smoking or drinking habits.

Storage method:
Store in a cool place. Refrigerate at 0-4°C after opened and consume as soon as possible.
Can be consumed chilled or warmed (To serve warm, please remove the plastic film and heat in microwave at medium heat for 2 minutes). 

1. It is not recommended for people suffering from weak constitution, mentally-tired, stomachache and abdominal-dampness to consume it frequently. And people suffering from common cold, aversion to cold, fever and pregnant women should not consume.

2. Do not store herbal jelly in freezer ( at 0℃ or below) for the formation of ice crystals. Otherwise, the texture of herbal jelly will be changed during thawing.