What is Betrothal (Guo Da Li)

What is Betrothal (Guo Da Li)

“Guo Da Li” is an important Chinese wedding ritual. It usually takes place any time between 15 and 20 days before the wedding. Groom´s family selects an auspicious date and presents the bride's family with betrothal gifts and bride´s price. Nowadays, the betrothal symbolizes the groom´s family show their sincerity towards marrying the bride and his assurance that she will be well taken care of after marriage.

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The Process of Betrothal
1. After the selection of an auspicious wedding date, the groom, his relatives and friends will present the bride´s family with a variety of gifts that represent fertility and prosperity. Groom´s parents will not be attending the ceremony, but the relatives and friends will come to bride's home before the groom. At that moment, bride will stay at her room for good fortune.
2. To show the acceptance of the marriage and gratitude for the generosity of the groom´s family, the bride´s family will reciprocate his generous gesture and share the good fortune by returning a portion of the gifts. This is known as “Hui Li” (回禮). The dowry includes items such as:
  • A betrothal basket with a label of the word “BOY” in Chinese.
  • Chinese bridal cakes, a set of Dragon and Phoenix wedding cake, two bottles of red wines, traditional fruits, gift box with Jing Guo (Fruits, dried dragon eyes, dried lychees, dried walnuts, and in-shell peanuts).
  • Groom will present 2 pairs of 4 betel nuts, the bride will return 3 of them and remain one. It means to be faithful to your husband forever in rest of your life.
  • Prepare an all-inclusive envelope with a certain amount of money (If necessary) and a red envelope for bride´s price with “9” digital in the balance which means love lasts forever.
  • Red envelope for son in law includes a pair of shoes, wallet, suit and belt.
  • Chinese couplet, a set of matching candles of Dragon and Phoenix, traditional tea, lotus root, sponge cake, fried dumpling, red cake, trifles, gingers, taro, pomegranate, citrus fruit, hibiscus, cypress, pomelo leaves, red string, etc.
 The Treatment for Return Gifts for Groom
Items Treatment
Coconut Keep it in a cool place until it buds.
(Be blessed with a houseful of children and grandchildren.)
Chinese couplet Stick it in front of the door in the evening before the wedding day.
Areca and Jing Guo (Fruits, dried dragon eyes, dried lychees, dried walnuts, and in-shell peanuts) Put on the bridal bed.
Red string and cypress In the evening before the wedding day, put them in the left bag of groom’s red pajama.
Matching candles of Dragon and Phoenix Light them in the evening before the wedding day.
Matching wedding cake of Dragon and Phoenix Eat it in the evening before the wedding day.
Traditional tea Make tea during the wedding day.
Lotus root Eat it after worship.
Sponge cake, fried dumplings, red cakes and trifle Share them with the relatives and friends after worship.
Ginger and taro Put them in a descendant’s barrel until they turn to yellow brown.
Pomegranate, citrus fruits, hibiscus, cypress and pomelo leaves Put them in the sitting room until they turn to yellow brown.