Earn & Use points
*Points can be used to purchase products
*The points can set off maximum 50% against sales amount

*Purchasing amount exclude the purchase of gift card and gift voucher.
*Purchasing amount based on value after membership discount.

Q1:   How can I earn and use points?
A1:   Any purchase over $100 is entitled to earn designated points. Points can be used starting from the next day after they are allocated. 1 point can be used as $1.
The points can set off maximum 50% against sales amount (shall not exceed the actual spending). Points cannot be redeemed in decimals.
Q2:   Can I use my points to purchase gift cards or gift vouchers?
A2:   Points earned cannot be used to purchase gift cards or gift vouchers.
Q3:   Can I use my points if I show my supplementary card during checkout?
A3:   Only principal card holder of Gold and Platinum membership can use the points earned. Silver membership contains a principal card only, so only Silver membership card holder can use the earned points.
Q4:   What are the differences between Gold and Platinum membership?
A4:   Both Gold and Platinum membership enjoy the same membership prices and discounts. The Points Earn Rate of Platinum membership is 0.5% higher than Gold membership (not applicable to single purchase over $100,000).
Q5:   When will the points earned expire?
A5:   Points earned are valid for one year. The points will be automatically extended for one year after you make any purchase.
Q6:   Can I earn or use the points if I forgot to bring my membership card?
A6:   Please provide us with your registered phone no. and name, so that you can still enjoy the membership discount after verification. However, you will not be able to earn or use any points during the purchase.
Q7:   How can I check my points balance?
A7:   Silver card members can check your earned points balance at the bottom of the receipt. Gold or Platinum card members can refer points balance on your membership cards.

Terms and Conditions
Terms and Conditions: HK JEBN Limited and HK JEBN (Macau) Company Limited reserve the rights to revise the above terms and conditions without prior notice and reserve the rights of final decisions.