Terms and Conditions
  1. The membership cards issued in Hong Kong are only applicable at Hong Kong shops; the membership cards issued in Macau are only applicable at Macau shops.

  2. Any purchase over $100 (Purchase of gift cards and gift vouchers are excluded. Purchasing amount based on value after membership discount) is entitled to earn designated points. One point can be used as $1.

  3. Gold and Platinum membership: Principal card can earn or use points, supplementary card can only earn points during checkout.
    Silver membership: Contains a principal card only, so only Silver membership card holder can use the points earned.

  4. " Gold Points" can be used to purchase Bird’s Nests, Chinese Cordyceps, Premium Dried Seafood, Wild American Ginseng, selected Health Products or Instant Edible Bird’s Nest.
    "Silver Points" can be used to purchase Dried Seafood, selected Health Products, Japanese & Korean Products, International Products or selected Made In Hong Kong products. The points can set off maximum 50% against sales amount (shall not exceed the actual spending). Points cannot be redeemed in decimals. Points redeem ratio may vary depending on promotions.

  5. Cardholder must present a valid membership card before payment. Membership card must be in good condition; damaged or photocopies will not be accepted. If members fail to present their membership cards, they can still enjoy the membership discount but are not able to earn or use any points during the purchase.

  6. Points earned are valid for one year. The points will be automatically extended for one year after you make any purchase.

  7. The points earned can be used from the next day after issuance and can be used cumulatively before they expire. Used points will be immediately deducted.

  8. If the points earned expire, points will be deducted (Silver: 20; Gold/Platinum: 50) automatically every year to extend the validity period of points remaining.

  9. HK JEBN members enjoy lifetime membership in principle. However, their membership and points will expire if no purchases are made for five consecutive years.

  10. The membership card number on the receipt must be the same as that on the membership card, otherwise it is invalid.

  11. The points earned cannot be exchanged for cash, transferred to another membership card, or used in conjunction with another membership card.

  12. Points are calculated from the total purchase amount. The points used are calculated into the total purchase amount.

  13. No points will be issued for the value of free gifts.       

  14. No refund is accepted without a receipt. When products are refunded or exchanged, points must be re-calculated. The difference in the points used must be reimbursed based on the conversion ratio on the day they were used. If the points are inadequate, the difference shall be paid by cash.

  15. When a card needs to be upgraded, replaced or reissued, the registered member must visit any of our shops in person to proceed. Authorized person is not allowed for the above action.

  16. When a card is lost, or it needs to be replaced for reasons, the member must visit any of our shops in person to present a valid identification documents as well as completing a membership application form. $50 will be charged as administration fee or 50 points will be deducted for Gold or Platinum member. $20 will be charged as administration fee or 20 points will be deducted for Silver member.

  17. Members are responsible for keeping their cards safe. HK JEBN Limited and HK JEBN (Macau) Company Limited are not responsible for the loss of any points.

  18. In case of a dispute, the points and the expiry date on the record of HK JEBN Limited and HK JEBN (Macau) Company Limited shall prevail.

  19. HK JEBN Limited and HK JEBN (Macau) Company Limited reserve the rights to revise the above terms and conditions without prior notice;
    All terms and conditions contained herein shall be subject to the website’s and shop’s latest announcement. HK JEBN Limited and HK JEBN (Macau) Company Limited reserve the rights of final decisions.
Note: The above currency represents MOP for the Macau shop.