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  1. Stew soaked Turkish non-spiky sea cucumber with oyster sauce and water until it's soft, and then set it aside to cool down;
  2. Boil Italian balsamic vinegar in a stainless steel pot, over medium heat. Add sugar and turn the heat on low for 5 minutes and keep stirring. Then set it aside to cool down;
  3. Cut the cucumber into strips (same length as sea cucumber);
  4. Boil enoki mushroom with hot water for a few minutes, and then set it aside to cool down;
  5. Put one cucumber strip into each sea cucumber, mix it with Italian balsamic vinegar and enoki mushroom. Get ready to serve.
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    Chilled Turkish Sea Cucumber with Balsamic Vinegar

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    • Ingredients

    • (4 Servings)
    • Italian Balsamic Vinegar 150ml
    • Turkish Non-spiky Sea Cucumber 12 pcs
    • Cucumber Strip 12 pcs
    • Enoki Mushroom 80g
    • Seasonings:
    • Sugar 35g
    • Oyster Sauce 50ml
    • Water 700ml