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Qi-tonifying, fluid-engendering, yin-enriching, heat-removing
  1. Soak the natural solomon's seal in water for 30 minutes, rinse thoroughly and slice it for later use;
  2. Rinse the Canada ginseng slices and black dates(L) thoroughly for later use;
  3. Soak the dried mandarin peel (aged ) in water, remove its vein, rinse thoroughly and dry it;
  4. Defrost the American frozen conches(L), cut the internal organs, brush and clean them with coarse salt;
  5. Rinse the pork loin and cut it into pieces, blanch the pieces and conches in water with ginger and spring onion for later use;
  6. Put all ingredients into a casserole, pour in some hot water and boil for about 2 hours, add salt and serve.
  • Good choice for Summer

    Conch Soup with Ginseng and Solomon's Seal

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Canada Ginseng Slices 15g (about 1 tablespoon)
    • Natural Solomon's Seal 40g (about 3 stalks)
    • Black Dates(L) 30g (about 10 pieces)
    • Dried Mandarin Peel (Aged) 4g (about 1 slice)
    • American Frozen Conches(L) 250g (about 3 pieces)
    • Pork Loin 300g (1 piece)
    • Salt Adequate