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Spleen-fortifying, stomach-benefiting and organs-enriching
  1. Soak the mushrooms(featured-XS) in water, remove their stems, rinse them thoroughly and cut them into pieces for later use;
  2. Soak the hedgehog funguses and Brazilian mushrooms for 1 hour, rinse thoroughly for later use;
  3. Soak the cordyceps flowers in water for a while, rinse thoroughly and cut them into sections for later use;
  4. Rinse the Hokkaido dried scallops - small in water for a while,soak them in hot water, set aside with water for later use;
  5. Defrost the frozen crocodile ribs, blanch them in water with ginger and Scallion and rinse thoroughly;
  6. Put all ingredients into a steaming pot, pour in some hot water, stew over water for about 3 hours, add salt before serving.
  • Spleen-fortifying and stomach-benefiting

    Crocodile Rib Soup with Fungus, Mushrooms and Scallop

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Frozen Crocodile Ribs 600g (about 1 pack)
    • Hedgehog Funguses 40g (about 3 pieces)
    • Brazilian Mushrooms 40g (about 12 pieces)
    • Mushrooms(Featured-XS) 40g (about 5 pieces)
    • Hokkaido Dried Scallops - Small 40g (about 10 pieces)
    • Cordyceps Flowers 20g (about 1 bundle)
    • Ginger 2 slices
    • Scallion 1 piece