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Deer’s Tendon helps bone-strengthening and Qi-nourishing, good for those who care of joint health.
  1. Soak deer tendons in water for 2 days, Boil it with water until tender;
  2. Put sliced solomon's seal, angelica slice, ligustici, ningxia fructus, licorice, aniseed and grosvener momordica fruit into a soup pot, add 2500ml of water and continue heating it for about 1 hour, then remove the residue and remain the soup;
  3. Put pork ribs, garlic, mushroom and deer tendons into the soup and continue heating it for 1.5 hours until the soup thickens and add pinch of salt before serving.
  • Deer Supplements

    Deer Tendon Soup (Bak-kut-teh)

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    • Ingredients

    • (4 servings)
    • Dried Deer Tendon 40g
    • Mushroom 6 pcs
    • Sliced Solomon's Seal, Angelica Slice, Ligustici, Ningxia Fructus 10g each
    • Licorice 6 pcs
    • Grosvener Momordica Fruit ⅛ pc
    • Pork Ribs 300g
    • Aniseed 1 pc
    • Garlic 1 pc
    • Water 2500ml
    • Seasoning:
    • Salt Adequate amount