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Remove Heat in the body and expels phlegm Tonify the body and quench thirst
  1. Soak all the fungus until fully expand for 1 hour and cut them in pieces for later use;
  2. Peel off and wash the zucchinis then cut them in thick slices;
  3. Add 750ml water to boil in a wok, add the seasonings and zucchini and turn to simmer with medium heat to soften the zucchini. Get the soften zucchini out of the wok on a serving plate;
  4. Put all the fungus in the same wok and cook for 5 minutes with low heat. Put in the potato starch mixture to thicken the soup. Pour the fungus and soup on the zucchini then finish.
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    Double Fungus with Zucchini

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Elm Fungus 20g
    • Yellow Fungus 20g
    • Zucchini 2pcs
    • Seasoning:
    • Salt 1 teaspoon
    • Sugar ½ teaspoons
    • Potato Starch Mixture:
    • Potato Starch 2 tablespoons
    • Water 4 tablespoons