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Yin-enriching, lung-moistening, spleen-fortifying and qi-tonifying
  1. Soak the Gu Tian fungus in water until soft, remove their stems, rinse thoroughly and tear them into small pieces;
  2. Soak the sweet and bitter almond kernels and dried figs in water for 1 hour, rinse thoroughly for later use;
  3. Rinse the selected dried crocodile meat and lodoicea maldivica thoroughly for later use;
  4. Cut the spareribs into big pieces, cook them in boiling water for a while, take them out and rinse thoroughly;
  5. Put all ingredients (except fungus) into a casserole, pour in some hot water, turn to low heat after boiled; continue to boil for about 2.5 hours;
  6. Put in the fungus, continue to boil for 30 minutes, add salt before serving.
  • Spleen-fortifying and stomach-benefiting

    Dried Crocodile Meat Soup with Lodoicea Maldivica and Fungus

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Lodoicea Maldivica 20g (about ¼ box)
    • Selected Dried Crocodile Meat 40g (about 2 slices)
    • Gu Tian Fungus 20g (about 1 piece)
    • Sweet and Bitter Almond Kernels 40g (about 2 tablespoons)
    • Dried Figs 75g (about 6 pieces)
    • Spareribs 600g
    • Salt Adequate