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  1. Peel and cut Chinese radish into thick strips, rinse thoroughly for later use;
  2. Soak mushrooms in water, dice;
  3. Boil Chinese sausage and Chinese preserved meat in boiling water for about 3 minutes, dice;
  4. Preheat cooking wok, put in 1 tablespoon of cooking oil, stir-fry mushrooms, Chinese sausage and Chinese preserved meat for about 2 minutes, ladle for later use;
  5. Boil Chinese radish in 125ml of water for about 5 minutes, ladle, dry, and let it cool for later use;
  6. Blend 380ml of cold water with the rice flour and corn starch thoroughly;
  7. Beat other ingredients and seasoning into mixture above;
  8. Pour mix into large bowl, steam in boiling water for about an hour and serve.
  • Japanese Style

    Japanese Dried Shrimp Steamed Turnip Cake

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 4-6)
    • Japanese Dried Shrimp 30g
    • Chinese Radish about 600g
    • Mushrooms 50g
    • Chinese Sausage and Chinese Preserved Meat 100g in total
    • Rice Flour 80g
    • Corn Starch 30g
    • Water 505ml
    • Salt 1/2 teaspoon
    • Chicken Powder 1 teaspoon