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Yin-enriching, heat removing, mind-soothing and spleen-fortifying
  1. Soak the selected slice of ganoderma lucidums(black) in water for a while, rinse the natural ophiopogon thoroughly for later use;
  2. Soak the dried mandarin peel (aged) in water, remove its vein; remove the kernel of the jujubes(XL) and rinse thoroughly;
  3. Remove the skin and cut the old duck in pieces, blanch the pieces in water with ginger and spring onion, take them out and rinse thoroughly for later use;
  4. Put all ingredients into a steaming pot, pour in some hot water, stew over water for about 2 hours, add salt before serving.
  • Good choice for Summer

    Old Duck Soup with Ganoderma Lucidums(Black) and Ophiopogon

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    • Ingredients

    • Selected Slice of Ganoderma Lucidums(Black) 30g (about 20 slices)
    • Natural Ophiopogon 20g (about 1 tablespoon)
    • Dried Mandarin Peel (Aged) 4g (about 1 slice)
    • Jujubes(XL) 40g (about 8 pieces)
    • Old Duck 450g ( ½ whole)
    • Salt Adequate