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Improve Qi circulation and remove dampness Promote fluid production and quench thirst
  1. Rinse and soak snow fungus for around 4 hours, and change water twice, until soft and sticky;
  2. Steam the quinoa for 30 minutes on a plate with a ratio of water to quinoa 1:1;
  3. Remove the pit and finely chop the perilla flavoured plums;
  4. Peel off the winter-melon, cut into pieces and steam until soft, then mash it by a mixer;
  5. Put all the ingredients and simmer in a pot with 750ml of water until the water boils, finish off by adding seasonings.
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    Quinoa Winter-melon Sweet Soup with White Fungus and Perilla Flavoured Plum

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Quinoa 15g
    • Snow Fungus 10g
    • Perilla flavored plums 6pcs
    • Winter-melon 500g
    • Seasoning:
    • Salt ½ teaspoons
    • Sugar 1 tablespoon