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  1. Wash red beans, put into boiling water until softened and empty the water;
  2. Add sweet osmanthus sauce and mix thoroughly for serving;
  3. Soak sago for 30 minutes and empty the water;
  4. Add sugar, olive oil into sago and mix them thoroughly for serving;
  5. Put adequate amount of sago into cake shaper and press down;
  6. Add red bean and adequate amount of sago and press down to compact;
  7. Remove cake shaper and steam it for 20 minutes;
  8. After steaming, put some sweet osmanthus sauce on the cake and ready to serve.
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    Red Bean Osmanthus Sago Cake

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    • Ingredients

    • (2-4 servings)
    • Hokkaido Red Bean (Selected) 100g
    • Sago 200g
    • Seasonings:
    • Sugar 40g
    • Olive Oil 3 Tablespoons
    • Sweet Osmanthus Sauce Adequate amount