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  1. After washing the quinoa, add water to cover the surface of quinoa, steam it until water dried out for later use;
  2. Thaw the black tiger prawns, boil them in hot water and peel them for later use;
  3. Mix the strawberry yogurt and quinoa in a bowl for later use;
  4. Put the fresh lettuce on the plate and put the mixed strawberry yogurt, quinoa and black tiger prawns on the top. Ready to serve.
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    Salad with Quinoa and Tiger Prawn

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    • Ingredients

    • (4 servings)
    • Quinoa 50g
    • Frozen Black Tiger Prawn 6 pcs
    • Cherry Tomato 6 pcs
    • Strawberry Yogurt 150g
    • Fresh Lettuce 200g