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  1. Soak the selected tremella for 10 minutes with warm water (about 30-40℃), then tear to pieces and soak for 1 hour with cold water;
  2. Cook the selected tremella for 3 minutes and drain for later use;
  3. Sauté the dried shrimp without oil and defreeze the golden ikura for later use;
  4. Cut the Chinese red pepper in pieces and cucumber in slices;
  5. Make the sauce with water, sugar, rice vinegar and fish sauce and bring it to boil;
  6. Assemble the cooked tremella, sauce, red pepper and cucumber in a salad bowl and mix it well;
  7. Serve it with a pinch of dried shrimp, golden ikura and fried garlic.
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    Savory White Fungus

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    • Ingredients

    • (3-4 servings)
    • Selected Tremella 40g
    • Dried Shrimp 10g
    • Golden Ikura 30g
    • Chinese Red Pepper 4 pcs
    • Cucumber Adequate amount
    • Fried Garlic 2 Tablespoons
    • Seasonings:
    • Rice Vinegar 20ml
    • Fish Sauce 17ml
    • Water 90ml
    • Sugar 20g