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Tonifying and skin moisturizing
  1. After soaking the Shitake mushrooms, cut off the mushroom pedicles;
  2. Soak the sea cucumbers in water with ginger and scallion until they are soft. After soaking, clean the intestines;
  3. Heat the clay pot, add oil and stir fry the mushrooms, then add 4 bowls of water and the chicken powder and rock sugar. Turn to `medium heat and stew for an hour, then add the sea cucumber, and cook until it becomes tender.
  4. Add oyster sauce. Boil for a little while, and turn off the heat;
  5. Blanch the baby pak choy with hot water, drain it, and place it on a plate. Top with mushroom and sea cucumber for serving.
  • Reunion Feast

    Shitake mushroom stew with Kansai sea cucumber

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 8)
    • Selected shitake mushrooms 8 pieces (about 60g)
    • Selected kansai spiky sea cucumbers 8 pieces (about 40g)
    • Baby pak choy 250g
    • Chicken powder 1 Tea Spoon
    • Oyster sauce 2 Table Spoons
    • Rock sugar Small Piece
    • Ginger 2 slices
    • Scallion 1 piece