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Hokkaido Salmon Flakes


Hokkaido Salmon Flakes are made of original Hokkaido salmon and processed in Hokkaido factory. Japanese Salmon Flakes’ taste is normally salty. However, this Hokkaido Salmon Flakes are low salted, without artificial color and preservative so you can taste healthy and safe.



Japanese Shredded Salmon (Mentaiko flavoured)

Japanese Shredded Salmon (Mentaiko flavoured) is made by selected salmon from Hokkaido, shredded salmon can be seen clearly. Mentaiko is added which taste a little spicy. It is good to enjoy with rice and sushi. Salmon contains Omega-3 that help you keep the health of heart and joint. Moreover, Omega-3 can help kids to develope brain.



Frozen Seafood

Hokkaido Frozen Scallop

Due to its contamination-free sea area, Hokkaido produces safety and quality seafood. Scallop is one of the most famous and representative aquatic products. Manufacturers remove the shells and viscera of fresh scallop and remain its adductor muscle. Then the adductor muscle are processed by individual quick freezing technology to keep their shapes and savory taste. The mouth-feel of Hokkaido’s scallop is soft and chewy. You can enjoy it as Sashimi after appropriate defrosting it. It can also be cooked with various Chinese and western dishes.

Frozen Boiled Scallop

After shells being removed, fresh scallops, mainly cultivated in Funka bay Hokkaido, are boiled and then processed by individual quick freezing technology. To enjoy this tasty and healthy product, you can fry it with butter or color pepper, or with the famous XO source.

Frozen Korean Oyster

Frozen Korean Oyster contains minerals such as zinc. It is also high in protein, which named as “Milk of Ocean”. Frozen Korean Oyster is fresh and juicy, smooth and tender. It is a must ingredient for hot pot.

Hokkaido Salted Salmon Slice

Hokkaido’s salmon is Pacific salmon and usually called “Sake”in Japan. The fishing season is autumn for this kind of natural salmon. As a famous migratory fish, Sakes breed in freshwater of Hokkaido’s rivers. After growing in ocean for 2-3 years, they return to their natal rivers to spawn. Compare to cultivated salmons, the texture of Hokkaido sake is relatively tight. Yet it contains rich unsaturated fatty acid, which can help to maintain cardiovascular and cerebrovascular healthy and promote brain growth. This product has been seasoned by salt, and can be cooked right after defrost.

Frozen Hokkaido Squid

Japanese common squid, or “Surume ika”in Japanese term, is one of the most important aquatic products in Hokkaido, especially in the southern city Hakodate. After defrosting and rinsing, Frozen Hokkaido Squid is ready for cooking, because its viscera has been removed already. Its freshness and chewy texture can be remained.

Frozen King Crab Legs

King crab, which can only be caught in cold and deep ocean, is famous for its huge body, long leg span and juicy meat. The Frozen King Crab Legs has been processed by center-cut and can be consumed easily. It can also be used as the ingredient in salad and other menus.


Koshihikari Rice (Niigata Prefecture) and Akitakomachi Rice (Akita Prefecture)

Japanese rice is chewy and sticky, with rich rice taste and aroma. Koshihikari Rice and Akitakomachi Rice are more famous within all Japanese rice. Between these two types, Koshihikari rice is the most famous one. Koshihikari is a snowy place. After melting of snow, water will go into mountain streams and rice field with rich minerals. So that the soil will become fertile, and good quality paddy can grow. Japanese rice is also a good choice of ingredient for making sushi because of its stickness.
For tips of cooking Japanese rice is soaking rice in cold water for 30-40 minutes(time can be extended in winter), let rice absorbs sufficient water before cooking.


Brown rice tea

In Japan, they not only serve customers with tea or enjoy tea in the Japanese tea ceremony, but also commonly to enjoy every type of tea in their life. Brown rice tea means put brown rice into green tea which tastes sweet and brown rice flavor.

Hokkaido Black Bean Tea

Hokkaido Black Bean Tea is made by selected Hokkaido black bean, which do no contains any preservatives nor additives. Roast black bean brings you rich bean aroma; roughly cutting method can help to release taste. Black bean tea bags are made by beans, which do not contains caffeine, is ready to drink by just pouring hot water. Black bean tea is popular nowadays, is suitable for all people to stay healthy. It can also help to remove fat and oily feeling, is a good choice of healthy tea.


HKJEBN has a wide variety of condiments for selection, included but not limited to soy sauces, Japanese miso, and organic seasonings.

Sesame oil is derived from sesame seeds through roasting process. Based on the temperature of roasting, it can be divided into dark and light flavor. The higher temperature in roasting process, the more condensed of the sesame oil. The condensed (dark) sesame oil tastes slightly bitter.
When sesame seeds are roasted in low temperature, although the smell of sesame is not that strong, it tastes sweet.


Sesame Black Soya Bean


Black soya bean is from Tokachi in Hokkaido and it is famous for high-quality species. Tokachi’s black soya bean is huge, plump and its surface is shiny. After stir fried, it will taste soft. Seasoning it with miso makes them sweet. Moreover, added selected white sesame to increase scent.
Black soya bean contains various nutrition such as protein, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and few elements. Sesame contains rich food fiber and it is good for hair.


Korean dried Jujube Slice

Dried Jujube Slice is made by selected Korean Jujube. The cores are removed, then sliced and dried under strict hygienic environment. Korean dried Jujube Slice contains low moisture level that make crispy and sweet mouth feel. Frying is not used during processing, as well as adding preservative or additive. It is good to be a snack or brewing of tea.


Pudding Cookies

Crispy cookies with pudding flavor chocolate is called as pastry cookie in Japan. It has strong pudding smell and every single piece is pack with smiling package. It is good to be a gift or for personal enjoy.


Green Tea Mochi with White Chocolate

Mochi could be stated as one of classic Japanese snack. Green tea flavor mochi tastes chewy and smooth, white chocolate inside just neutralize the bitter taste from green tea. Expiration date of mochi is from 7 to 90 days as Japanese snack are mostly without preservative. To prevent change of texture. Japanese mochi is suggested to enjoy it as early as you can.


Japanese traditional candy

Konpeito(Japanese traditional candy) is from Keito which holds most historic culture and tradition in Japan. It contains Japanese traditional style. Konpeito is Japanese traditional candy with different shape, figure and color. Konpeito is not only for common snack but also for festival and special day. Our Konpeito(Japanese traditional candy) is shaped as windmill and it symbolizes a feeling of going for a blow on the grassland. Many Japanese still miss and love this traditional candy.


Japanese Chocolate ball

Chocolate ball is covered by sugar and packed by wrapping paper by different styles of lucky cat. Its appearance is adorable, colorful and with special pattern. It is good to enjoy during festival and special days.
Japanese Chocolate ball is made in Keito, Japan and it is commonly seen in the department store and snack shop. Most of them were sold as gift or souvenir.


Hokkaido Crispy Soybean

Soybean which is from Hokkaido contains rich protein and looks round and plump. Soybeans are roasted by hot wind techniques and then tastes crispy, smells delectable. Moreover, you can feel the special after taste after chewing. Seasoning or preservatives are not added in Hokkaido Crispy Soybeans, which brings you the raw taste and color of soybean snack.


Sesame Walnuts

Walnuts contain Omega-3 fats which is a significant element for developing brain and protecting cardiovascular system. By using Japanese roasting techniques, walnuts become crispy even without deep fried process. Walnuts are seasoned by maple syrup that strengthen the original taste of walnuts.


Hokkaido Pure Cheese stick

Hokkaido Pure Cheese stick is produced by 100% Hokkaido cheese and it tastes smooth and rich. Adding codfish stick can increase taste.
Cheese sticks contain rich protein and calcium which is significant elements for developing brain and bones.


Korean Seaweed

In the cultivating process of Korean seaweed, they do not use acid to eliminate microbe but increase hours of sunshine to control quality of product. This seaweed contains lower oil and salt contenet than common seaweed. Single package can help to keep the original taste of seaweed and make them convenient and hygienic.



Pecan, also known as "longevity fruit" and "pecan", is a healthy food that is abundant in Australia and the United States of America. Without salt baking, the aroma is unique after baking, and can be enjoyed as snack or with salad.


Sacha Inchi

Sacha Inchi, also known as star fruit, is known as "super food". Native to the Amazon region of Peru, it is the seed of South American oil vine. There is a special kind of nutty smell, and the smell is fragrant. Can be eaten directly, is a healthy choice of snacks.



Instant Food

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup

Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup is a tonifying soup which is one of the representative cuisine in Korea. Korea people consume Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup in three periods of hot season, so that they can stand for cold weather in winter. Now Korean Ginseng Chicken Soup is a soup which you can enjoy it without distinguishable of solar terms.
Ingredients such as glutinous rice, chestnut, jujube and ginseng will put inside the selected Korean spring chicken. After cooking, chicken meat becomes soft and smooth, soup is full of essence of ginseng and chicken. Also, the reheating method is fast and convenient. You can enjoy this authentic Korean dish in 10 minutes, which is a good choice for metropolitans to maintain health.


Japanese Vegetable Soup with Egg

Japanese Vegetable Soup with Egg is made by freeze-drying method. Compare with common drying method, this method can keep food’s nutrients and flavor better. Soup is ready by just adding hot water. Less moisture and light are easy to carry, and you can enjoy Japanese styled soup in anywhere and anytime.


Japanese seaweed and maitake for soup

It is an instant seaweed soup which is added dried maitake and ready to enjoy after you put hot water in. It is also good to use with miso soup.


Instant Miso Soup

The heating method of Instant Miso Soup is easy and convenient. It is ready to serve by just adding hot water and pouring rice inside.



Canned Food

Canned Red Queen Crab Meat


Red Queen Crab Meat is sweet and tasty. In Japn, it is usually used in making sushi or sashimi, which is very popular. Canned Red Queen Crab Meat is ready to eat, and can be used in making salad or sushi.



Canned Tuna Flakes

Tuna flakes are soaked with selected soy bean oil. With appropriate salty taste, it can be used in making salad or sandwich. Canned Tuna is ready to eat and no need to recook.


Canned Sardine (kabayaki)

The main ingredients used in kabayaki are Japanese soy sauce, sugar, sake and a little bit ginger. Skewer the sardines on the bamboo sticks and then stew, at last spread sauce for enjoying.


Japan Canned Premium Abalone

ICC is definitely the first choice of Japan Canned Premium Abalone. Japan original Kippin Abalone are used as raw material. The texture is chewy and smooth, traditional gold-ingot shaped are also be kept. It is suitable for family gathering during festival, present for family and friends, or a great choice for who want to try delicious abalone.



Concentrated Drinks

Korean Citron Tea

Citrons collected from Korea clean place, Wando, are mixed with Korea pears. Unique manufacturing method keeps the nutrients and fresh aroma. Citron tea is not bitter, and no preservatives and added artificial color. Citron contains vitamin C which can help to strengthen the immune system and improvement of beauty. Natural fruit acids can help digestion. Pear can nourishing the lungs and protect throat.
Base on personal preference, you can dilute 3 to 4 times by cold or hot water. Portion packing is also available. You can enjoy the real Korean taste anytime.

Korean Ginger Tea (Portion)

Selected Korean Ginger is used in this product. Honey is also added to prevent spicy stimulation to throat. Ginger can help to dispel cold, warm stomach and protect throat. Drinking ginger tea in summer can help to remove dampness, in winter can warm your body and dispel cold. Especially suitable for those people with cold hands and foots.

Seafood Snacks

Roasted Fish with Almond

As Japan is surrounded by oceans and has rich seafood, they produce various styles of snacks by different seafood. Every products have their own features. Classic product would be Roasted Fish with Almond.
Roasted Fish with Almond is not only a snack supplying to Japanese student, but also beneficial to all ages because of rich nutrition and crispy taste. Roasted fish are come from Japan, it is cleaner and less unpleasant smell of fish. They are not fried during the production and added maltose and sesame on top to make them easier to enjoy. Moreover, to increase nutrition and different taste, they are also added sweet almond.
Roasted sardine fish is rich in calcium and it could be considered as healthy snack. It is able to strengthen the bones and more helpful for growing kids. Almond is rich in vitamin E and good to decrease cholesterol.

Crispy Small Crab Snack

Crispy Small Crab Snack is produced by advanced techniques so that whole small crab included shell can be consume. It is seasoned by Japanese soya sauce, with crispy texture, which is a quite rare snack in market. Crab shell is rich in calcium and chitin. Calcium can help bone to stay strong and chitin can help to strengthen immune system and anti-aging. Consume whole piece of crispy small crab, the nutrient of shell can also be absorbed.

Roasted Scallop

Whole piece of fresh scallop will undergo seasoning and roasting process. Not only sweet taste, strong and unique scallop flavor can also be remained. Roasted scallops are dried by hot wind, the moisture and texture can be kept well. Single package brings you convenience and original taste of scallops.
Scallops are delicious and chewy, which is a kind of seafood with low fat and low cholesterol. They contain full of protein which is an important element of adults and children’s health.

Fish Stick with Sesame

Fish Stick with Sesame is made from roasted codfish slice with black sesame in between, then cut into sticks for easy consumption. The texture of fish Stick with Sesame is moist yet firm, with rich sesame taste.
Codfish is low in calories and contains protein. Sesame is sweet in taste and mild in nature, it can help for skin moisturizing, blood replenishing, nourish the dryness of intestines and stimulate saliva secretion.

Korean seafood snacks series

For Korean seafood snacks series, there are different flavors of Roasted Squid Strip and fish snacks which are good in taste and moist yet firm. With traditional Korean styled chili sauce, it will bring you a brand new aroma level. These products is suitable for family and friends gathering.

Sesame Seaweed

Roasted seaweed could be seasoned with sesame and mirin to make it crispy and delicious. Seaweed is rich in any type of nutrition such as calcium which can strengthen the bones.

Sardine Chips

Sardines are cut in half and roasted to chips, in addition, they are seasoned with traditional Japanese maltose. They are not fried during production but still keep crispy. To reduce the smell of fish, they are added with white sesame and become more delicious. Sardine is rich in calcium which can strengthen the bones.

Roasted shrimp

Putting glutinous rice powder on dried shrimps and roasting them can bring brand new taste, delectable and crispy. They are not fried during production which is healthier than common fried snack. Nutrition of dried shrimp can also be kept more.

Beans and Sesame

Hokkaido Red Bean (Taisyo Kintoki)


Taisyo means a town which is located in Hokkaido and called as Taisyo. During Showa period, most of red bean were from Taisyo town and became famous because of red bean. Kintoki red bean is bigger and plumper than normal red bean. It is suitable to be filling for dessert and bread.
Taisyo Kintoki red bean is tougher and suggested that put then into water for one night before cooking. Let beans absorb water completely so that will be easier to cook.



Hokkaido Soybean

Hokkaido Soybeans did not undergo genetic modification. The shape is round and the bean taste is strong. Soybean is rich in protein. It is called as “Meat of field”, which means rich in nutrients and protein content can be compete with meat.


Hokkaido Black Bean (Selected)

Hokkaido Black Bean is called “Shining Black”. Even after soaking in water for a long time, its appearance is still shiny. The skin of Hokkaido Black Bean is not easy to come off. It can be used as an ingredient of bakery products. In Japan, Japanese people are used to eat black beans in New Year because black bean has the meaning of healthy and work hard. There are also different kinds of Japanese dishes by using black beans.


Black Sesame, White Sesame and Golden Sesame

By using unique roasting technique, every granules of sesame are heating evenly, which increase the flavor of sesame. Yield of Golden sesame is the least among three kinds of sesames, but its sesame aroma is the strongest one, which can be called as “King of Sesame”.