Free Delivery Service (All Districts in HK)
Free Delivery Service applicable to:
  1. Any purchase of Bird's Nest, Chinese Cordyceps etc. (Any Gold Point Products) over HK$30,000 or
  2. Any purchase of Dried Seafood, Health Products etc. (Any Silver Point Products) over HK$5,000 or
  3. People with Special-Caring needs /Commercial Platinum Member to-be*
*Total net weight of any purchase of products is 10KG (16.5 Catty) or more.
Please feel free to contact our shop supervisor/staff for enquiries.
Terms and Conditions:
  1. Delivery service is only available in Hong Kong. If additional freight cost charged by other logistics companies, additional waiting time or uncertain customer information and address will not be accepted in this case. Our delivery service does not cover any areas in Mainland China and overseas. (Delivery service is also not applicable for shopping at our branches in Macau.)
  2. An additional fee of HK$150 will be charged for deliveries to Discovery Bay, Ma Wan and outlying islands.
  3. An additional fee of HK$10 will be charged for each floor after first three floors for any deliveries to buildings without a lift.
  4. Our staff will contact the customer 15-30 minutes before arrival to ensure the goods can be received. If customer cannot be reached, we may have to re-schedule the delivery. Therefore, customer is kindly requested to ensure the contact person is reachable before delivery and available to receive the goods. If the goods cannot be delivered to the customer successfully in our second attempt, the customer have to pick up their purchases at the branch where the order was placed.
  5. Our delivery staff would verify the identity with the goods-receiving customer for the recorded customer name and the telephone contact number. If the identity of customer cannot be confirmed, the goods will be returned to our warehouse. Customer have to make another appointment for delivery. If the goods cannot be delivered to customer successfully in our second attempt, customer have to pick up their purchases at the branch where the order was placed.
  6. Any purchase of products on the same sales invoice will not be delivered to multiple addresses.
  7. As all vehicles are prohibited to enter into Ma Wan after 4:00p.m., delivery to Ma Wan is only available from 10:00a.m. to 4:00p.m.
  8. Free Delivery service is not available at for all the timeslots : The First day to the Third day of Lunar New Year; from 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. : The Last day of the Lunar New Year, Winter Solstice & Company's Staff Party.
  9. In the case of a lift being out of service on the day of delivery, every effort will be made to deliver the goods, or arrangements will be made to re-schedule for another convenient time
  10. Delivery will be suspended whenever a typhoon signal No.8 is hosted or black rainstorm warning is in effect. Arrangements will be made to re-schedule.
  11. Due to certain environmental scenarios (e.g. there is potential danger, walking distance exceeds 100m), the customer may be requested to receive the order at some other agreed location.
  12. For the delivery that includes intoxicating liquor(s), the goods-receiving customer must be aged 18 or above. Our delivery staff may request the goods-receiving customer to show his/her Identity proof for confirmation; if confirmation is not successful, the goods will be returned to our warehouse to re-schedule another delivery. If the goods cannot be delivered to customer successfully in the second attempt, customer have to pick up the goods at the branch where the order was placed.
  13. Please reserve sufficient and appropriate space in advance for goods-receiving.
  14. Once the products are arrived to the requested delivery location and confirmed of receipt by customer, HK JEBN Ltd. completes all our responsibilities of delivery.
  15. All products sold are under our terms and conditions of refund or change of product(s).The customer will need to bring along her purchase together with its sales invoice to our branch in order to be refunded.
  16. All delivery must be arranged within 7days after the purchase. (Not included Wedding Engagement Gift Set*)
  17. For the change of delivery date, please telephone contact with related shop or Customer Service Department at least 1 day in advance. If the first delivery appointment is cancelled, the delivery can be arranged again only once and within the 7days.
  18. For the change of delivery address, please contact at least 2 days in advance before the delivery : a) bring along delivery memo and membership card (if applicable) to shop; or b) telephone contact with related shop, Customer Service Department would send SMS message for further confirmation.
  19. HK JEBN Ltd. reserves the right to make any amendments to the terms and conditions without prior notice. HK JEBN Ltd. reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any disputes.

*Wedding Engagement Gift Set can be delivered within 1 month from the date of purchase.