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Nourishing liver, lung and kidney, antiasthmatic. Suitable for people with tinnitus, soreness and weakness of waist and knees, Cough and asthma.
  1. Soak the fish maws in water with 8 hours approximately until softened (the soaking time is depends on the size of fish maw), water should be changed for 2-3 times during soaking; Blanch the fish maws with ginger and scallion for 5 minutes;
  2. Drain the fish maws, and then soak it in cold water and keep it in 0-8 Degree Celsius for 8 hours. Cut the fish maws into pieces, set aside;
  3. Rinse cultivated cordyceps and sliced natural yam, soak for 30 minutes, set aside;
  4. Remove the kernel of red dates; Rinse red date, wolfberries and dried longan, set aside;
  5. Remove the nails of chicken feet, cut the pork shanks into pieces, blanch them for 5 minutes, set aside;
  6. Put all ingredients into boiling water(2,500 ml). Once it’s bubbling, reduce heat to medium-high and cook for 2.5 hours; Season with salt. Be ready to serve.
  7. Tips: Be careful that the utensils for soaking must be oil-free and do not add soda to the water, or else the fish maw will melt readily and its taste gets altered.
  8. It would be much easier to clean the fish maws and remove the fishy smell if cut its top part.
  9. If it is not serving instantly, it is better to seal properly and keep in 0-8˚C. It can be stored for 1 week.
  • Homemade Soup

    Chicken Feet Soup with Fish Maw and Cultivated Cordyceps

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 3-4)
    • Fish maws 3 pieces
    • Cultivated Cordyceps 40 g
    • Sliced Natural Yam 4 pieces
    • Red dates 3 pieces
    • Ningxia Wolfberries 10 g
    • Dried Longan 20 g
    • Chicken Feet 10 pieces
    • Pork shanks 500 g
    • Ginger 2 slices
    • Scallion 1 piece
    • Salt Adequate amount