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lung-strengthening, kidney-benefiting, qi-tonifying and providing youthful complexion
  1. Soak and clean White Bird's Nest in water, rinse thoroughly for later use;
  2. Soak Gao Sheng Cordyceps in water for about 5 minutes, rinse thoroughly for later use;
  3. Soak the dried mandarin peel in water and remove its vein, rinse the Thailand dried longans-large thoroughly for later use;
  4. Cut Silkie into pieces, blanch them in water; Cut ginger into slices for later use;
  5. Put all ingredients (except white bird's nest) into a steaming pot, pour in some hot water, stew over water for about 2 hours (Take away ingredients);
  6. Add with white bird's nest, continue to stew for 30 miniutes, add salt before serving.
  • Stewed Silkie Soup with Cordycep and Bird's Nest

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    • Ingredients

    • (Serves 2-3)
    • Gao Sheng Cordyceps 10g (about 30 pieces)
    • Dried Mandarin Peel 2g (about 1 piece)
    • White Bird's Nest 20g (about 3 pieces)
    • Silkie Half Silkie
    • Thai Dried Longan - Large 20g(about 10 pieces)
    • Ginger 2 slices
    • Salt a little